About the potter:  

Steve started working with ceramics in his late teens with sculptures and then
moved into wood crafting in his twenties.  His art endeavors were interrupted
by a rather lengthy career in computers and semiconductors.  Steve has been
inspired by his wife’s love for drawing and painting and his
mother in-law's
ceramic art creations to once again work with his hands.  Today Steve lives
with his wife and son in a small town along the northern California Coast
Steve and Buster (Special thanks to Buster for providing
mane and tail hair for some of the featured works)
Ingrid dabbled in drawing and painting for many years and
now is completely hooked by the spell of throwing pots.  
Her love of art and ceramics is genetic as her mother has
been an artist and  potter for many years.  Ingrid now mixes
her love of horses with pottery to create the horse flavored
pieces on this site.
We've moved!

We're still near a coast, so the
name is the same, but we are
now in Washington in the
shadow of the Olympic
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the new farm